The Analyst Insight® Workshop Home Study Course

Learn how to identify major turning points and maximise your profits

Filmed just as the 2007 new all time highs were being made, it is a rare opportunity to see how a professional technical analyst can pick up on key clues and then put the pieces of the puzzle together to qualify the significance of a new all time high as it is being made and then attempt look into the murky future to see what may be coming down the track.

At this workshop, Jason Sidney will teach you a range of powerful trading and technical analysis techniques. He will also show you how to apply these techniques to your trading. The workshop will give you the opportunity to learn in detail how these techniques can be used to identify major turning points in financial markets and help you to maximize your profit earning potential.

The workshop was recorded as a high quality, “any region” DVD series which will play in most regions around the world, and includes a workbook with large easy to read examples for you to study and work through as the course material is explained and taught in detail throughout the DVD series.

Jason Sidney has become well known for his ability to convey highly technical information in a way that the average person can use and understand and the major benefit of the Analyst Insight® Workshop DVD series is you can watch and re-watch these lessons as many times as you like, giving you the ability to extract the maximum amount of information contained within the lessons!

Once mastered, the study of charts and technical analysis can be a powerful and formidable tool that may enhance your trading results and elevate you to a new level of trading awareness!

Workshop Attendee Reviews:

  • “Great seminar, very practical and useful stuff” Jack L – Asquith NSW
  • “Excellent workshop well prepared and well presented, I could not recommend more highly” Peter J – Coffs Harbour NSW
  • “Fabulous review of mainstream basics, and a reminder of how important Form Reading skills are. I am happy that the materials presented can be applied to both short & long term trading”
  • “This is the first seminar I have attended that has addressed trade entry, exit and trade management so thoroughly. That was invaluable to look over the shoulder of a professional and learn – Thank you” Samantha G – North Tamborine QLD

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